Our Mental Health is now Being Challenged

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Our Mental Health is now Being Challenged

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Post published:November 21, 2020
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covid….loss of loved ones….restrictions….unemployment..possibility of losing our residence..food shortage…money problems…quarantine and possible isolation…plus other things…omgoodness, just writing those words has a sombering effect.

with the days are getting shorter ie. less daylight..its getting colder ..often times rainy and cloudy…plus the snow should be coming soon…another reason to possibly stay in

all of this can lead to SAD ..seasonal affective disorder is common during this time of the year. it can effect you just as intensely as if you had major depressive disorder (mdd); maybe even more so now as we struggle through the pandemic.

during this time its so important that we try to reach out to others…its a necessity that you know you are not alone ..


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