what lays within…

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depression, anxiety, and a host of unwelcome feelings are all unpredictable.

one minute you’re on cruise control just flowing along ..then boom! something triggers something and you feel as though you’ve walked into a maze of haze.

it’s enveloping, heavy, even impedes your movements. definitely a debilitating feeling…affecting your emotional, mental, and even physical being.

sometimes when this happens it’s good to just be still…inhale slowly and exhale even slower.

all that we have been seeking outside of ourselves…stability, calmness, peace of mind, understanding, love, balance, truth .. we look for answers through books, philosophical views, listening to others, and trying to refocus…ALL of these things and much more could really help us.

maybe before frustratingly searching for the answer to our ‘whys’ maybe we can pause, listen and try to connect with our inner being.

yes, go within.

often its not what or who we surround ourselves with, its actually what lays deep inside our soul.

seeking ourselves within ourselves its a great start.

try to ‘go within’…’ feel’ and ‘trust’.

approach things from a different perspective.

this is not a solution to our disease…but it could be that trestle preparing us for whatever comes next.



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