Escaping the “I Give Up” Mindset

as you awaken, you open your eyes… seeing the morning sun filtering through the window.  you instantly feel it. the heaviness… the fog… that black cloud. that feeling of intense disappointment that makes you want to stay in the comfort of your bed ….maybe your substitute in dealing with the day.

perhaps your sadness is weighing you down. or, maybe your anxiousness is simply an excessive amount of  ‘all you don’t need to deal with’  throughout your day… shaking your already fragile nerves.

leading to an : “I give up” mentality.

by saying this to yourself, you are feeding negativity to your mind.

many people, often times seem to relate to this “I give up” mind-set.

it helps to  understand that this thinking has many factors, and never just one thing.

Cynthia Catchings, LCSW-S, believes that these ideas sometimes stem from melancholy.

“Melancholy is without doubt one of the principal causes,” she says. “It usually creates a scarcity of motivation and deep disappointment that stops the particular person from seeing past that.”

 Other than melancholy and anxiousness, just life circumstances can result in feeling this way.

It’s simpler to be more pessimistic than optimistic when we’re coping with “well being” challenges. You fall into previous patterns and habits. Sometimes we just get upset when a purpose isn’t simply realized. It’s easier to assume “I give up” if our brains are being programmed by us.

Worrying, chemical imbalances, detrimental conditions.”  all contribute to a sense of helplessness.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help from loved ones, family members, or a licensed therapist. Help is available.

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