is it just me…?

when the pandemic initially started…i think many of us were in a state of disbelief.

this cant be happening..i felt as though i was in a b-rated movie. wearing a mask ..washing our hands was becoming second nature to us

yes, from a scientific perspective this pandemic could be explained. but spiritually, and emotionally, hmmmn…not so easily.

after about three months i thought..’ we are all truly in this together. that we would come together..learn to respect each other, help each other, show some semblance of humanity.

we would learn to do better..’

we are in the covid-19 trenches together and together we shall rise.

i was wrong

as individuals three simple but vital things we can do. 1) wear a mask ..2) wash your hands ..and 3) practice social distancing.

Who are our real heroes? 

The real heroes are not glorified. Thank you for putting your lives on the line for people you do not even know…also the family and loved ones of those who died..they are still paying the ultimate price

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