paralyzed within….

i stand looking out at the stalks birthing orange and purple siberian lilies along the border of the patio. 

i then glance along the fence admiring the white and pink petunias. 

all feels tranquil..while even the leaves appear to be doing their little dance swaying back n forth on the branches. 

the birds seem to be expressing themselves with their own individual unique chatter ..each remaining silent while the other ‘speaks’. 

if one is not seeking the beach perhaps this could be considered a perfect summer day.

so many places i could venture off to yet i continue standing glancing out. ..thinking about something but then again ..thinking about nothing at all.

a twinge of sadness envelopes me. 

i feel as though i could easily cry but i wont give my tear ducts the satisfaction of expressing themselves when i choose not to.

instead i now feel unable to ‘do’..unable to ‘go’ .

i feel paralyzed…within.

an afterthought…..folklore has it that when adam and eve were banned from the ‘garden of eden’ – their tears of regret turned into pure siberian lily.

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