Edmonton psychiatrist suggests short-term goals for 2021

Edmonton psychiatrist suggests short-term goals for 2021

In a year that turned everything upside down, skiers who hit the slopes on Rabbit Hill south of Edmonton feel relieved.

“Just a little bit normal would be great, and Rabbit Hill gives us that,” said Lauren Hawes.

She came with her family on New Years Day.

As has been the case for many, the pandemic was of great importance to their mental health.

“My extended family is in Nova Scotia, so we haven’t seen my husband’s mother, brother, or sister-in-law in years, and we really miss them. I want to hug my own parents, they live in St. Albert. I have them.” but I haven’t hugged her in months, “Hawes said.

“I try very hard to stay positive.

“Knowing that the scientists are doing their science thing and the health care workers are doing their incredibly brave work, and we’re going to get there and it will be all right eventually,” she said.

A recent survey conducted by Global News Ipsos found that 28 percent of Canadians are struggling with mental health amid the pandemic, 15 percent said they use more alcohol and seven percent with drug addiction.

Peter Silverstone, professor of psychiatry at the University of Alberta, said there is more hope in 2021 and that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

“We didn’t leave the tunnel,” said Silverstone. “We’re about 100 days away – by the time the weather changes, the economy has changed and enough people have been vaccinated.”

He proposes a 100-day challenge to improve mental health instead of making a long-term New Years resolution.

“There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that setting small goals is much more beneficial in the short and long term. [as] Set against a great long goal.

“Every day you can do at least one type of exercise, every day you can reach out to someone, every day you can try to help someone else,” said Silverstone. “You ended up doing 100 different things.

“If you are a family with children, you can do Simon Says for 100 days, do an activity with your children and find interesting challenges.”

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