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Time to reflect and better ourselves

Coping  living in a world with COVID is not easy but I am finding this time to reflect. Reflect on my present, past and future. I am realizing how important people are in my life especially my family and close friends. Friends, acquaintances,  new friends and new people in my life are also important. I am realizing we are all part of a beautiful threaded quilt. We need each other to stay together we are the thread that makes the quilt strong and beautiful. I am taking this time to slow down and open my heart and my thoughts to be present. To smile and say hi to everyone. A smile is the best gift we can give.  I am trying to be the change I want to see in this world. I am also trying to improve myself by going on line and learning, playing chess, watching Ted talks and great documentaries. One day we will look back at COVID and say that was the time my life slowed downed and taught me to be me by being present.  Enjoy yourself, reflect and make great plans for yourself. Look inside you are the best gift you can give yourself. Be safe, Be strong, Be you. xoxo