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Justice for all Democratic Vice President Pick

I believe with all of this turmoil this country will heal in time. Sometimes we need to go thru the birthing pains before we can see the beauty. Thanks to all of the peaceful protestors and thanks to all of the people doing their civic duty and social distancing. I know it can be confusing with covid and protesting, but you can't put a time on civil unrest. This is all confusing but we need to look above and look at the whole picture. Injustice for one is injustice for all. Divided we fall and United we Stand!!  Lets stand for peace, love, health, hope and happiness for all. Stay positive because we got this and there are more good people than evil. Look inside of yourself and be the change you want to see. You are important and play an important part in this world. Lets do it together!

With this being said I am taking a poll to see who people would like to see has Biden Vice President. Doesn't matter what party you are in. Serious comments only. No negative Trump or Biden remarks. This is a place where all people are judged by their character not their color, body shape, sexual orientation. Keep it real and respectful. So please comment with a vice president you would like to see in office.