a little jaded…?

just because one says their love is unconditional does not make it true…

if the both of you want different things..there is always compromise..with explanation comes understanding..( regarding issues from dinner selections color of paint , sex, and everything in between.

even though one says i’m not into games…maybe they are only referring to the basic ones..not those created by the psyche.

don’t overly love, at least not verbalize it..some dont see it for what it truly is and may totally see it as weakness..

be careful once they know how understanding you are..how trusting you are..if they know where your heart is..provocations may appear…

know when to mete out stories of love, pain and other things from your past..it could be used against you…

if they know your mindset and intentionally hurt you..know they are not the one for you..

when one door closes and two open..maybe you should think about climbing through the window..

of course…ALWAYS remember communication is key…

ok…this sounds like a jaded post…and it is..

love ..true love is a wonderful thing!!!

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depression ‘no-no(s)’

depression. we’ve all heard of it. most of us will come into contact with it at some point in our lives. depression is a very difficult serious disorder and miserable experience for someone to go through, and its something that either you or someone you care about will have to deal with. 

below are just a few of the words i’ve heard from those who are really trying to be helpful. but it’s more like things NOT to say to someone battling depression.

* never tell them that their problems are stupid or that there is nothing to worry about…that they have it so much better than others. the conversation will probably come to a quick end..because they will stop talking.

* dont tell them to stop being depressed..to just be happy…as if they could control that.

* don’t suggest that they just ‘cheer up’ or ‘snap out of it’..that could make one feel guilty about being depressed.

when your friend is confiding in you with their feelings, don’t start bringing up your own problems. this may make them feel like their problems are insignificant in comparison to yours. that’s irksome even if one is not depressed.

the next few statements depressed folk do not want to hear. i’ve experienced this one and i know they mean well, but….*get out of bed…*u just need a change of scenery *dont be so grouchy..or why do you seem angry..or better still, where’s that smile..or * you can’t continue living like this. honestly, do you  think i really want to????

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paralyzed within….

i stand looking out at the stalks birthing orange and purple siberian lilies along the border of the patio. 

i then glance along the fence admiring the white and pink petunias. 

all feels tranquil..while even the leaves appear to be doing their little dance swaying back n forth on the branches. 

the birds seem to be expressing themselves with their own individual unique chatter ..each remaining silent while the other ‘speaks’. 

if one is not seeking the beach perhaps this could be considered a perfect summer day.

so many places i could venture off to yet i continue standing glancing out. ..thinking about something but then again ..thinking about nothing at all.

a twinge of sadness envelopes me. 

i feel as though i could easily cry but i wont give my tear ducts the satisfaction of expressing themselves when i choose not to.

instead i now feel unable to ‘do’..unable to ‘go’ .

i feel paralyzed…within.

an afterthought…..folklore has it that when adam and eve were banned from the ‘garden of eden’ – their tears of regret turned into pure siberian lily.

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is it just me…?

when the pandemic initially started…i think many of us were in a state of disbelief.

this cant be happening..i felt as though i was in a b-rated movie. wearing a mask ..washing our hands was becoming second nature to us

yes, from a scientific perspective this pandemic could be explained. but spiritually, and emotionally, hmmmn…not so easily.

after about three months i thought..’ we are all truly in this together. that we would come together..learn to respect each other, help each other, show some semblance of humanity.

we would learn to do better..be better..’

we are in the covid-19 trenches together and together we shall rise.

i was wrong

as individuals three simple but vital things we can do. 1) wear a mask ..2) wash your hands ..and 3) practice social distancing.

Who are our real heroes? 

The real heroes are not glorified. Thank you for putting your lives on the line for people you do not even know…also the family and loved ones of those who died..they are still paying the ultimate price

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