starting over…?

starting all over again…but not really…
do we ever really begin all over or is it just a continuation of
where we left off…in a connected or non-connected way?
how about i’m just turning the page in a book with several very long
unwritten chapters.

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  1. Al

    We as humans should continuously grow and be the change we want to see in this world. I believe we can have heaven on earth if we all respect ourselves, our neighbors and this planet.

  2. Dalia

    I think its a continuation of where we left off. There is no right or wrong the journey is a continuous learning experience that enhances our soul, mind and heart. Embracing our journey and always striving to be a better human being the person we are meant to be one step at a time. There are no failures just stepping stones to our better self.

    1. admin

      i agree. although we may not immediately understand why…there are no accidents, all things happen for a reason.
      welcome to the site.

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