a letter to me..myself..i

stupid! stupid! stupid!

no no no not you, but the situation u find yourself in

sometimes i just want to shake you…shake you so hard but would that

even awaken you?

probably not..not when you are like this.

when u said you wereslipping was that suppose to have been cryptic?

of course you know exactly what that means.

you are and have been slipping..falling..finding yourself in that place with no doors no windows and a repetitive ‘what do i do now’ feeling.

maybe i wasn’t suppose to say slipping.

maybe i should have been more direct..like hey, i need you to help me..talk with me..sit with me..do anything but just dont abandon me right now.

i’ve never asked you for anything.

but i’m asking you now.

you think they were to get all of that out of  i’m slipping ?

yeah of course you would have.

you are me.

others dont get or may not understand when you are crying for help..make it p & s, you know plain and simple.

spell it out because some really dont have a clue.

Help them to help you..if you get what i’m saying…

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