written by someone else…

i havent written in a long while.

i think i would write more if i pretended this blog belonged to someone else..but it doesnt..it belongs to me..the admin..

i need not hide behind a name. i need not be ashamed of what im feeling and/or how i am dealing with it.

i have mdd… major depressive disorder…it’s a part of me but it doesnt define me. so get rid of your preconceived notions of ‘the depressed person’. there is no protoype. as individuals the way our illness effects us is not one and the same. the hows, whats,whens, and wheres..is different with each person.

i will share this persons’ journey. this person being me.

my writing may vary , depending on my mood..like anyone else…but what i will do is try to be consistent…


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